Home Watching & Home Maintenance Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my home is safe with Fernandina Property Maintenance?

Dave Carter will be doing the home watch interior and exterior checks and services. Dave’s career covers many business experiences including managing hundreds of manufacturer sales reps and merging over 30 corporations. He understands the value of communication, integrity, follow-through, and building relationships for results. Both Dave & Jeri have been trained and certified to conduct home inspections for HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. We use these and many other skills to watch and maintain your home.

Are you a house sitter service?

No, we do not reside at your home or what is referred a house sitter. Our core services consist of weekly, bi-weekly, or by contracted visits looking for obvious issues utilizing a specific checklist customized for your home or property. We also provide personal property maintenance services.

What type of reporting can I expect from you?

Fernandina Property Maintenance will send you a detailed report by email or text with pictures of any problems or potential concerns identified upon completion of checking the interior and exterior of your home. In the case of an emergency our first response will be a phone call.

If you find a problem what type of notification will I receive?

Fernandina Property Maintenance will send you a report upon completion of our visit to your home. Any problems identified will be accompanied by pictures and details of the problem. If we take any action to prevent further damage, we will contact you immediately by phone to discuss what occurred and plan for what the best course of action is needed.

Are your services expensive?

Our services are fair and competitively priced for the value we provide. Upon comparing the possible damage that can happen from water, wind, mold, pests, vagrants and extreme weather, our services are an excellent value. We will be happy to discuss our pricing for home watch services and any additional services you may require at a free consultation.

Are you a property inspector?

While we check and oversee your property during your absence, we are not what is defined as a property inspector. Property inspectors are usually involved at the sale of a property to do a detailed inspection of the structure, plumbing, electrical and heating and air condition systems.

My alarm company provides security for my home. What value do you add?

An alarm company monitors entry into your home or fire alarms but they do not monitor potential problems that can occur due to broken pipes, mold, pests or vagrants. We identify those problems or the possibility of their occurrence and notify you.

What are your credentials?

Fernandina Property Maintenance proudly displays the “Accredited” banner of the National Home Watch Association. We have been vetted and approved by this organization to insure we are bonded and insured for your protection. We also subscribe to the NHWA’s Code of Ethics.

If I need coordination with contractors doing work on my home can you help?

Fernandina Property Maintenance will provide access services and remain on-site for an agreed upon hourly charge.

We have a neighborhood watch program. Doesn’t that do the same thing?

Most neighborhood watch programs are passive by nature and do not provide the level of engagement with your property that Fernandina Property Maintenance offers. We will check your property’s interior and exterior in far more detail than you can expect from a neighborhood watch program. Check with your homeowner’s insurance company, they may require you to have a verified home watch provider for any claims submitted on damage
or repair for your property investment that occurs during your absence. We are your support mechanism for insurance claims.

Do you provide keyholder services?

Absolutely! We can coordinate access to your property for any situation at an hourly rate. All we need is your notification of date and time and any instructions you have.

Can you help me with other home maintenance services?

We do provide home maintenance services including interior and exterior yard and landscape services. Do you want your A/C filters changed? Or, do you need your house and cement pressure washed? Yes, we do many services. For services we do not provide, we can refer you to quality contractors or vendors and facilitate access to your property.