Home Watching & Home Maintenance Services


We’ve been customers of Fernandina Property Management for eight years utilizing nearly all the services that Dave Carter offers his clients.  FPM offers a very high level of service in yard maintenance but exceeds that in the home inspection aspect of the business.  On our extended overseas visits, FPM has always provided timely communication on any issue that arises but more importantly has offered solutions to resolve the situation.  We are very confident when leaving that our property will be properly managed and maintained to a high standard.  FPM offers a very high level of integrity in the key areas of maintenance and home inspections and has obviously earned our trust.
Mike S.

Upon writing this I looked back at some of the texts over the past five years and the many issues we have encountered with our house and two condos. The greatest concern was always the hurricanes and not being there. The way FPM handles our hurricane shutters and outdoor furniture always brings relief to me as I know Dave will do it right. His communication through the storms makes a huge difference for us as the three units are a major investment for our future. Whether it was dealing with storms or plumbing issues Dave has always been there with solutions and it keeps us from making a special trip for repairs.

Upon one of our family members having an issue with a garbage disposal you texted, “This is a simple fix, don’t worry about your guests”. I wrote, “Thanks, we trust your judgement. You continue to be our knight in shining armor!”

Fernandina Property Maintenance makes owning properties from another state manageable and with less stress.


Back in 2011 Dave told us we were his first home watch clients. We took a gamble and went with him and have never been sorry for our decision. We live in multiple cities so it was important to have someone that could take care of home watching and home maintenance. Throughout the years we have encountered trees on our house and roof due to hurricanes, roof leaks, air conditioning unit failures, plumbing issues, bugs, dirt and algae on the house, dirty brick pavers and many other issues. Dave’s inspections have resulted in saving us thousands of dollars in additional repairs. Upon having issues, he responds with photos, details of the issue, plan for repair and implementation. He knows how to work the system and get the most out of additional vendors to get the job done. It has been a real benefit to have the same company watch our home and do the yard maintenance. FPM’s once-a-month statements being sent by email has been great as it is always on my computer. We spend very little time managing our own property thanks to Dave. We highly recommend Fernandina Property Maintenance for all the services they offer.