Home Watching & Home Maintenance Services


Home Watch Services

Home watch services

At FPM our home watch services include regular checks both inside and outside of your home to ensure everything is functioning as it should. We check for potential issues such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, mold, roof damage, windows and doors, pests, intrusion, etc., and repair as needed before more damage occurs. We also facilitate opening your home for packages, construction work, and other services. In your consultation, our home watch services create an emergency plan for hurricanes, tropical storms, power outages, and any other major issues that can impact your property.

Interior & Exterior Home Watch Services

Home Interior Maintenance Services

Storm Services – Hurricanes/Tropical/Power Outages

Departure & Return Services

Key Holder Services

Exterior Maintenance Services

At FPM we provide exterior home services for both the home watch client and other clients wanting to keep their properties looking groomed and beautiful year-round. We cut lawns as needed and build a schedule that fluctuates with seasonal changes. We do not use contracts and do not charge you when nothing is needed. We can evaluate your property for specific needs and build a yearly plan for mulch, trees, bushes, pressure washing, etc. At FPM we use only professional grade equipment with many years of experience.

Lawn & Landscape Services

Pressure Washing Services

Interior Home Watch Services – Check and Report

  • Conduct a walk thru of the home, looking and listening for anything out of the ordinary
  • Examine all doors, windows, and sliders to insure they are locked and secure, check for any signs of forced entry
  • Assure refrigerator and freezer are working properly
  • Check for signs of mold, moisture and unusual odors/smells, sounds
  • Check ceilings, HVAC vents, skylights, walls, and floors for signs of water leaks, damage, or cracks
  • Check electrical panel for tripped breakers and reset if needed
  • Check for signs of pest and insect infestation and animal intrusions
  • Check sinks, drains, showers, tubs, and hot water heater for obvious leaks
  • Flush toilets, run faucets, check for leaks – to prevent seals from drying out and stagnant water build up
  • Check for possible power outage problems
  • Check air conditioning/heat thermostat settings and reset for season temperatures
  • Run dishwasher and clothes washer, rinse cycle monthly (at the request of the homeowner)
  • Visual check of garage and parked cars. Check cars for oil and water leaks, flat tires, charged batteries
  • Package acceptance service – can move large and small packages
  • Facilitate professional services (contractors, repairmen, etc.)
  • Other needs as determined

Exterior Home Watch Services – Check and Report

  • General visual check of the home’s exterior for any issues including outbuildings
  • Create a sense of presence – Remove newspapers, solicitations, debris from front door area and sidewalks to assure your home does not look unoccupied
  • Check mailbox for damage and mail. Contact if important mail is present
  • Check all doors/windows/screens are in place and secured, check for any signs of forced entry
  • Check for signs of storm damage, vandalism
  • Visual check of air conditioning units
  • Visual check of the roof, tiles, drain spouts from ground level
  • Check for mold and mildew on the home, gutters, cement and paver areas
  • Visual check of the landscaping
  • Check for signs of insects, pests, and rodents
  • Check for exterior lights that may not be working
  • Visual check outside faucets, hoses, and irrigation for leaks
  • Visual check of the pool equipment for visible leaks or failure to function properly
  • Visual check and observation of the pool and spa area – does it appear to have been serviced
  • Visual check of lanai/pool/deck area – screen enclosure, furniture, BBQ, outdoor fixtures

Interior Home Maintenance Services

Interior home maintenance services are add-on services to keep everything running and fresh while you are away from your home.

  • Replace furnace filters
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Replace smoke alarm batteries
  • Periodically run vehicle engines, move to prevent flat spots on tires, maintain battery trickle chargers

Tropical Storms & Hurricane preperation

In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm, we will pre-storm precautions, and after the storm we will first do a quick post-storm inspection for immediate damages and reporting for the ease of mind of each client. Upon completing the first round of immediate checks we will then return for a complete post-storm review with photos to determine damages and a plan for repairs if needed. Let us help take the stress out of being away from your home during a storm.

Storm Preperation

 All actions are subject to the intensity of the storm.

  • Trim tree limbs and bushes that could cause damage to your home
  • Reinforce your garage doors using a bolt or by installing a stabilizer bar where applicable
  • Move outdoor items, including grills, lawn ornaments, potted plants, furniture, etc. to an enclosed location
  • Turn off all propane tanks (BBQ, fireplace, etc.)
  • Turn off main circuit breakers
  • Turn off main water line to house
  • Remove perishable food from the refrigerator/freezer (if needed)
  • Close Hurricane Shutters – Pre-installed shutters only (screw-on, attached electric roll down, accordion styles)
  • Other services, as determined by home owner

Post-Storm Actions

  • Access your property as soon as local officials allow and report obvious storm damage with photos for insurance company
  • Take actions to control areas of continuing damage. Roof, windows, doors, water, electric, rain, etc.
  • Determine issues and losses and report for direction to move forward
  • Take reinforcement from the garage door
  • Turn on electric circuit breakers and check for damages
  • Turn on main water line to the house and check for damages
  • Restore all utilities, appliances, doors and windows
  • Open and store hurricane shutters
  • Replace outdoor items
  • Turn on propane tanks
  • Other services, as determined by home owner


Departures & Returns

Departure and return services are designed to make your trip more comfortable. Arriving with the house opened and having a hot shower upon arrival makes a big difference. Don’t worry about checking everything before you leave as we will do it for you. Enjoy your trip.

  • Open & prepare for owner or guest arrivals
  • Close down home after owner or guest departs
  • Secure windows/doors/blinds open/closed
  • Open/close window coverings
  • Turn main water valve on/off
  • Turn Hot water tank electrical breaker on /off
  • Run water for 10-15 minutes to rid odors
  • Spray home with freshener prior to return
  • Adjust A/C or heat
  • Turn room fans on/off
  • Attach or unplug trickle charger on automobile

 Key Holder Services

Many people leave their homes for short periods of time. While you are gone do packages arrive? Do service contractors need entry into your home? What happens if bad weather hits while you are gone? Who checks the fridge and other items when the power goes out? Upon leaving your home do you leave a key with neighbors or a family member? Fernandina Property Maintenance’s keyholder service gives you another option. We are a professional home watch company that knows how to check and maintain properties. Feel safe and secure using our services as needed while you are away.

  • Responding to emergencies at your home
  • Checking your home in the case of power outages or extreme weather
  • Prepare home for homeowner arrival
  • Meet friends/family to begin or end their visit
  • Letting in houseguests
  • Facilitating contractors or service companies
  • Facilitate delivery people – packages, furniture, etc.

Lawn and Landscape Services

At FPM we offer a large number of services including lawn and landscape.

This service is available to our home watch clients as well as others in the community. We do not use contracts for lawn services. We cut your lawn as needed and charge only for services given. According to Gardening Solutions, a typical lawn in Florida may only need one cut a month during November, December and January. Two cuts a month in March, April and October, and three cuts a month during May, June, July, August and September. All lawns are different but most fall within this pattern for monthly cuts. We trim bushes, cut the grass, edge the cement and landscaping beds, string trim excessive grass and blow all surfaces.

We trim trees and palms within a height of 16 feet, remove old trees and bushes, install new sod, lay many kinds of mulch, and do general landscaping projects.

We also repair irrigation lines and heads but do not build new irrigation systems.

  • Grass mowing
  • Shrub trimming
  • Lawn and cement edging
  • String Trimming
  • Blowing surfaces
  • Weed control within beds
  • Trim trees and palms up to 16 ft
  • Irrigation repair – repair broken heads and pipes
  • Sod installation
  • Mulch – Pine Bark – Pine Straw – Rock/Pebbles
  • Landscaping

Pressure Washing Services

Do you have dirty porches, spider webs, hornet nests, mold and mildew on the soffit and facia, dirty windows, and two sides of your house are green? How about the black cement or the dirty pavers?

Our goal is to make your home cleaner and also healthier for your family without the mold, mildew, algae and dirt.

We use various chemicals to clean your house, cement and pavers without damaging your plants. We have the proper equipment to do a professional and long-lasting job including multiple sprayers and surface cleaners. Let your home be beautiful again.

  • House Exterior – all materials
  • Soffit/Fascia Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning Service
  • Stucco, Stone and Brick Cleaning
  • Pool and Patio Deck & Screen Cleaning
  • Concrete Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Paver Restoration Service – cleaning and sealing
  • Outdoor Furniture Cleaning Service
  • Fence Cleaning Service – wood, plastic, brick, stone

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